Only the Silence Remains

Original title: Il Silencio che Rimane

Author: Matteo Ferrario

Publication Date:

January 2019



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Literary Fiction

Only the Silence Remains

Original title: Il Silencio che Rimane

Author: Matteo Ferrario

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“Ferrario undoubtedly knows how to move in the dark side” – Pietro Cheli – Amica
“Matteo Ferrario is very good at storytelling”– Brunella Schisa – Il Venerdì di Repubblica
“Realistic and ruthless, a kind of CSI of the soul” – Monica Virgili, Io Donna

Nothing is more timely than your destiny.

Davide and Valentina have just come together after a marriage crisis, when they are kidnapped along with 20 other Starbucks costumers. Valentina’s death throws her husband into an abyss of despair and loneliness. 

A powerful novel that, through a cleverly calibrated writing, narrates a personal as well as social drama.

Since they have regained control of their marriage after the marital crisis that has kept them distant for some time, Davide and Valentina are redescovering their love.

The summer is ending. In the hottest hour, Davide and Valentina take advantage of their lunch break to meet in a café in the city center. Excited by the prospect of building their future together again, they are planning their next travel when a boy breaks into the place. With his hair cut short, a backpack on his shoulders, his eyes full of hatred and a gun in his hand, he demands justice for his brother who has been fired, and he has no intention to free anyone until he has obtained what he wants. The seizure lasts sixteen hours and has devastating consequences, transforming the worst of nightmares into reality and wiping away any past and future certainty. And that’s how the hatred explodes…

Matteo Ferrario was born in 1975. Architect, journalist and translator, his first novel, Dammi tutto il tuo male (Harper Collins, 2017) has received enthusiastic reviews. In Only the Silence Remains, he proves once again a rare skill: to explore the darker side of the human soul with a lucid and sincere writing. Only the Silence Remains is a powerful novel, with a mature style, which opens up to the themes of madness and rage, and coldly rides the most discovered nerves of contemporary society.