One Cool Duck

Author: Petrik, Mike

Publication Date:

May 2023



Original language and publisher

English | Hippo Park

Territories Handled

World excl. Asia and North America



One Cool Duck

Author: Petrik, Mike


Ages from 6-9

What’s cool, anyway? Skateboards, pizza, arcade games– and being kind! This buoyant young graphic chapter book introduces Duck and pals, kicking off a series that makes real-life friendship issues fun.

Duck is feeling pretty good about himself. He can flip on a skateboard, and he’s a great friend, too. Then Cat comes along and seems so cool, with his high scores on video games–but Cat also does some mean stuff nobody likes! Then Cat gets caught up a tree and needs help. In three short chapters, perfect for readers just gaining confidence, Duck and his pals show Cat that being cool includes helping others and not dissing your friends.

Hippo Park graphic chapter books are ideal for beginning and newly independent readers, with approachable page counts, easy-to-follow paneling, and artwork that supports text comprehension.

Marketing Information

  • GRAPHIC NOVELS WORK FOR EMERGING READERS: Like the Narwhal and Jelly series and many others, One Cool Duck will get kids reading fluently and sharpen their visual literacy skills.
  • VISUAL HUMOR = VISUAL LITERACY: Simple, humorous narrative and fun, “cool” expressions will get kids excited about language and reading books on their own.
  • A WINNING, RELATABLE DUCK who conquers childhood challenges with panache, with a new book appearing for each of the next two seasons.
  • STRONG SEL TITLE foregrounds Duck’s budding self-awareness, Cat’s step toward better self-management, and the whole gang’s responsible decision-making.