North Country Series

Author: Brearton, T. J.

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English | Joffe Books


Crime & Thrillers

North Country Series

Author: Brearton, T. J.

  • 2 Seas Represents: Dutch and Nordic Countries rights.


For fans of Jeffery Deaver, Robert Bryndza, and Linwood Barclay. Novels are set in the same area, but are all standalones.

GONE — May 2016, 295 pp.

  • 69,000 copies sold
  • Amazon UK #3
  • Amazon US #21

How can an entire family disappear into thin air?
An empty house on the edge of a small town… a teddy bear abandoned… a half drunk glass of wine… the TV left on and all the computer equipment missing. Where have Hutchinson Kemp and his wife and two children gone? Detective Rondeau doesn’t think they left by choice. However, he is on the verge of cracking up as he pursues the trail of the filmmaker and his family who have disappeared without a trace. Rondeau discovers disturbing evidence that big money and government might have something to do with the chilling crime, but no one seems to believe him anymore. Ignoring his skeptical police colleagues, he puts his life at risk as he races to find the family in this twisting-turning crime thriller. Is the family even still alive, and what are their abductors trying to hide?

DARK KILLS — November 2015, 286 pp.

  • 8,000 sales

DARK WEB — April 2015, 370 pp.

  • 17,000 sales

T. J. Brearton’s books have been on the top 100 list for Amazon Kindle in the US, UK, and Canada. He is the author of thirteen novels. His stories are often told from the perspective of both the police and victims of crimes. The books are published by Joffe Books and Bookouture. Brearton lives in the Adirondacks with his wife and three children where he writes full time, takes out the trash, and competes with his kids for his wife’s attention.