No Country For Singles

Original title: Non è un paese per single

Publication Date:

January 2022



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Italian | Newton Compton Editori

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English (North America), Netherlands

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Bulgaria (Art Eternal)
Albania (Botime Univers)
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Commercial Fiction

No Country For Singles

Original title: Non è un paese per single


Felicia Kingsley’s female characters don’t need Prince Charming, nor his money. In fact Elisa, the protagonist of Non è un paese per single chooses for herself and decides to break up with Michael D’Arcy. The women in her novels dream of love but they also want to be the fables of their own destiny. They aren’t willing to compromise, to surrender, to live in the shadows of a husband who covers them with gold. Her female characters are pragmatic and romantic, with a strong character, a beating heart and a dreamy mind. — La Stampa

Marriage is not in Francesca’s plans, but destiny doesn’t feel the same way.

Gentle Tuscan hills, green forests, small picturesque villages, romantic castles and stunning vineyards interspersed with winding and narrow roads, planted with cypress and olive trees: this is Chianti, the most famous Italian wine region. Young agronomic wine-making expert Francesca lives in Belvedere, a charming and suggestive village but definitely not a town for singles. Indeed, all the bachelors have left the countryside in search of job opportunities in the city. Thus, when Michael Davenport, grandson and sole heir of the late rich Tuscanian Count Ricasoli-Gucciardini, returns to Belvedere to take possession of his family estate, the news creates a sensation. In the town, there are more than one potential mothers-in-law ready to catch him on their web. Francesca is not interested in the chit chat around Micheal. He is her childhood friend, the kid with whom she spent every summer at the Ricasoli-Gucciardini’s estate, where she now runs the vineyard. However, fifteen years have passed since she and Michael last saw each other and he has changed, becoming a cold and arrogant businessman, and not at all interested in wine. It seems that the once best friends are now destined to become enemies.

Affectionate, witty and richly evocative, No Country For Singles is Felicia Kingsley at her most readable: a perfect recipe of lush Italian landscape, wine, romance and skirmishes. A brilliant and intelligent love comedy that celebrates second chances and new horizons, starring a strong and determined woman who settles the score.

From readers and fans:

“Felicia has a magic pen. If you are looking for a feel-good, romantic, fun and sparkling romance she’s your pick”
“Felicia Kingsley has completely blown me away: read her!”
“Read Felicia Kingsley’s books when you’re down: they will lift your mood and make your life less bitter”

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