The New Residents

Original title: Os Novos Moradores

Publication Date:

June 2017



Original language and publisher

Portuguese | Record


Literary Fiction

The New Residents

Original title: Os Novos Moradores

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  • Over 8,000 copies sold
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A touching and dramatic love triangle, full of pain and fear, challenging a family’s structure, THE NEW RESIDENTS shows the way to redemption through love and forgiveness.

The terraced houses on Oitis Street: seemingly two façades in perfect harmony. In reality, two strangers joined together in permanent conflict. The first house is cold, suspicious and boring. Then comes a Dionysian, daring, unpredictable abode. It was already like this during Vicenza’s days, the famous singer also renowned for her crazy parties, which gave hell to her neighbors, Zenobio and Carlota. When Vicenza decides to live abroad, it is a relief for both of them, not so much for their children. Damiana, the youngest daughter, is indifferent to the news. Cosme, the rebel son, suffers from the departure of his friend and lover. Cosme used to always find a way to visit Vicenza. It was worth the risk of being discovered by his parents. The house over there was so full of passion, humor, funny stories. So different from his home, where rigor and bitterness suffocated him.

Some months later, the new neighbors arrive. Pedro is a college professor. Ines is a renowned artist. The couple has two teenagers, Amanda and Estevão. Chance or fate, Cosme keeps linked to the house over there. He falls for Amanda unknowingly that the two siblings lead a secret love story. The growing involvement of the three youngsters provoke new conflicts behind those walls, and a dramatic narrative ensues. What’s the worst punishment, the parents’ pain or the children’s fear? Is love enough for a family to survive? A pregnancy will bring in, even more, misery, but Petra’s birth will prove the amazing force of forgiveness.