Original title: Neurosapiens

Publication Date:

January 2023



Original language and publisher

French | Les Arènes

Territories Sold

Netherlands (ZNU)


Graphic Novels & Comics, Psychology


Original title: Neurosapiens


Learn all about the secrets and powers of your brain to put it to better use. Readily accessible, fascinating texts and 32 pages of comics. The most complex structure in the world deciphered for all readers.

The brain is the most powerful tool humans have! Neuroscience is important to our day-to-day lives because this organ lies at the root of our choices, emotions and our relationships—of our whole lives, in short.

This book aims to make complex, difficult-to-digest neuroscience research accessible to all. A better understand of how our brains function also helps us to avoid cognitive biases, which lead us to analyze reality through irrational lenses and make us think and do things without our knowledge.

Our Brains Day-to-Day

The opposite of a complex treatise, this book comprises about 30 short chapters. Each one is based on everyday questions: How does the brain fall in love? How does it manage a broken heart? What are the secrets behind creativity and intuition? Where does déjà vu come from, is it a kind of premonition or a brain glitch? Why does music affect our moods? Why are some people gifted at foreign languages while others aren’t? What are cognitive biases and how do they trick us?

A winning combination of popular science, fun and accuracy.

Information that’s easy to use in everyday life.

Psychologist Anaïs Roux, who’s only just turned 30, holds a degree from L’École des psychologues praticiens and is the founder of the APESE (an organization that promotes mental health and combats bullying in schools). She works at Open Mind Neurotechnologies, a private cognitive neuroscience research institute which supports companies in their efforts to ensure employee well-being by using neurotechnologies (biofeedback, virtual reality, neurofeedback and more). In 2020, she created the podcast “Neurosapiens”, which has been listened to more than a million times.