My Husband

Original title: Mon mari

Author: Ventura, Maud

Publication Date:

August 2021



Original language and publisher

French | L’Iconoclaste

Territories Handled

Netherlands, North America, Scandinavia

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Italy (SEM libre, at auction)
English (North America) (HarperVia, at auction)
South Korea (Open Books)
Netherlands (Horizon)
Germany (Hoffmann und Campe)
Russia (Ripol)
Indonesia (Gramedia)
English (UK & BC excl Can) (Heineman)
Portugal (Infinito Particular)
Serbia (Lumo)
Bulgaria (Colibri)
Thailand (Ohlalakabtangmo)
Sweden (Sekwa)


Debut Novel, Literary Fiction

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  • Prix du Premier roman 2021 (winner)
  • Prix Lycéens (winner)

My Husband

Original title: Mon mari

Author: Ventura, Maud


In this wry, psychologically complex debut, a meticulously manicured wife is obsessed with her husband. For the past 13 years, she’s made a science of meeting his needs, putting them before her own or even their children’s. Her love is a stranglehold; something’s gotta give. The winner of France’s First Novel Prize, this riveting emotional thriller requires serious willpower to not devour in a single sitting. Oprah Daily

A perfect French wife confronts her obsessive love for her husband in the sly debut novel ‘My Husband.’ — Publishers Weekly

Bergman meets Ruth Rendell. — Nouvel Obs

Irresistible and delightful — Amélie Nothomb

Shortlisted for four literary prizes, Mon Mari humorously deals with the complexity of love. A salient and funny novel about a marital face-to-face, Mon Mari is one of the most demanded books of the rentrée littéraire. […] What if you always loved your spouse as if it was the first day ? The wild idea of novelist Maud Ventura. — Madame Figaro

As funny as it is fierce, Mon Mari portrays a terrible observation about the reality of the contemporary couple. An outstanding novel! A clinical tone, a sharpened pen, and a tasty second degree. Throughout this book, Maud Ventura builds intense suspense, spreading tension and growing unease with art. — Paris La Douce

Fierce, funny and original, Mon Mari is a novel that should mark the rentrée littéraire.RTS

Mon Mari, Maud Ventura’s debut novel, possesses a dark, clinical and raspy humour. With a very well-done final twist, as unpredictable as it is Machiavellian, you won’t want to read this vaudeville just once. — Le Nouvel Obs

While I tend to be more obsessed with my husband’s exes than my husband himself, this book had me reeling, laughing and re-examining my life choices. I loved every minute. — Jenny Mollen Biggs, New York Times bestselling author of City of Likes

One of the most daring, provocative, unnervingly intimate thrillers I’ve read in years. It’s a glass of Sancerre, crisp and cold and dry – and the more you swallow, the more you’ll lose your balance. Few writers besides Ruth Rendell and Patricia Highsmith can evoke domestic unease with such sangfroid; fewer still can make it such delirious fun. My Husband is the novel for any woman with a husband. Or perhaps for any man with a wife. Merveilleux, Mademoiselle Ventura! — A. J. Finn, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Woman in the Window

A funny, fierce literary debut documenting one woman’s secret marital stand-off

She is still deeply in love with her husband after fifteen years together. Now in their forties, they are couple goals – two adorable kids, a big house, a wide circle of friends. But lurking beneath their seeming wedded bliss is a secret: she burns with jealous passion for him. Her cool beauty masks the fire aflame within. He seems happy with their gradual slide towards gentler affection: his kisses are perfunctory and her nakedness no longer arouses him. To prove to herself that his love is fading, she secretly starts keeping track of everything he does, looking for signs he has tired of her. She spends weeks methodically recording his “mistakes”, thinking up suitable punishments, laying traps, even cheating on him to test their relationship. She constantly vies with other women to be the most beautiful, desirable, perfect. Readers will identify with her and be repelled by her, torn between laughter and nervous anticipation as the tension rises, page after page. A highly original, disturbing literary debut recording a marital stand-off with one unwitting participant.

Marketing Information

  • English translation available
  • A feminist study of modern marital life and the unassailable fantasy of lasting marital bliss.
  • A charismatic 28-year-old author and radio personality with a strong social media presence. Maud Ventura began her career with France Inter and has just moved to the leading radio station NRJ to head up their podcast division. A remarkable talent, taking a scalpel to modern coupledom.
  • Shortlisted for the Prix de la Vocation 2021, the Prix Médicis 2021 and the Prix de Flore 2021
  • Longlisted for: Prix Stanislas 2021, Prix Envoyé par La Poste 2021, Talents Cultura 2021 and Prix Décembre 2021

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