Murder at the Ritz

Original title: Meurtre au Ritz

Author: Barriere, Michele

Publication Date:

June 2013



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Crime & Thrillers

Murder at the Ritz

Original title: Meurtre au Ritz

Author: Barriere, Michele

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Michèle Barrière is a French culinary historian and the bestselling author of a dozen historical & gourmet crime novels. Each of her very popular books are set between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance and include ancient recipes of renowned chefs of the past.

With Murder at the Ritz, Michèle Barrière offers a first book set in a more modern setting, the end of the 19th Century, right in the middle of the Dreyffus Affair. The hero of the book is Quentin Savoisy, a young and vibrant food reviewer living in Montmartre, and whose godfather is the famous chef Auguste Escoffier. It so happens that Auguste Escoffier has been hired by César Ritz to be in charge of the kitchen of his new Parisian luxurious hotel, just about to open. Things take a dire turn though when a young woman is found hung to a butcher hook in the cold room of the Ritz. César Ritz is so anxious this terrible crime might tarnish his grand opening that he asks Quentin Savoisy to take over the investigation. Teamed up with his lovely fiancée, an aristocratic rebel working in the first feminist newspaper, the duo will face many dangers to reach the truth, among which a frightening anti-slaughterhouse underground movement…

Throughout the book,  delicious dishes are described, from the five star creations of the Ritz, to the more rustic  bistrot food of Montmartre.