Metaphysical Graffiti: Rock’s Most Mind-Bending Questions

Author: Kaufman, Seth

Publication Date:

May 2018



Original language and publisher

English | OR Books

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France, Netherlands, Scandinavia


Music, Philosophy

Metaphysical Graffiti: Rock’s Most Mind-Bending Questions

Author: Kaufman, Seth

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Metaphysical Graffiti will make you think twice (and laugh thrice).” —Will Hermes, author, Love Goes to Buildings on Fire

Metaphysical Graffiti is a book for music fans, humor fans, and, if a meaningful ontological category, fans of philosophy too. It is a provocative, inflammatory, hilarious, but ultimately serious book about the essential questions of rock—Beatles or Stones? What Kind of Air Guitar Do You Play? Does Rush Suck? and, of course, The Meaning of Billy Joel. In a rich mix of original pieces, Kaufman not only examines the essential issues facing all rock fans, but delves into the deeper, metaphysical roots of these questions.

The book’s title is a riff on the classic Led Zeppelin album, Physical Graffiti, while the book itself is an innovative, critical work that in many ways mirrors the best rock ‘n’ roll. Funny, audacious, irreverent, and relentlessly creative, it stretches the parameters of traditional criticism by incorporating short fiction, “Moronic Dialogues,” and even a short mini-play, “Godot, The Musical,” in order to explore philosophical concepts of Reality, Authenticity, Hype, and, ultimately, the purpose of music criticism itself.

Recovering musician Seth Kaufman grew up overseas, in Kenya and India, the son of foreign correspondent. He ran a popular online music store where he sold so many copies of Kenny G records he should be tried at The Hague. He has written a number of books, including The King of Pain (“One of 2012’s most enjoyable novels” —The New York Times), contributed humor pieces to the New Yorker website and freelanced for many other publications.