Mermaids’ Song to the Sea

Author: Hutts Aston, Dianna

Publication Date:

April 2024



Age Group:

4 - 8 years


20.3 x 30.5 cm

Original language and publisher

English | Hippo Park

Territories Handled

World excl. Asia and North America



Mermaids’ Song to the Sea

Author: Hutts Aston, Dianna


Three little diverse mermaids set off to deliver charming bedtime blessings to all the creatures of the ocean in this sweetly reassuring rhyming picture book.

In this gorgeous rhyming picture book perfect for cozy bedtime reading, three mermaid troubadours sing their blessings to sea creatures everywhere. “Bless clams in their beds, and lobsters in pods,” they sing. “Sharks in their shivers, and squids in their squads.” Draped with leis and strumming harps, the mermaids travel the ocean to deliver a benediction to their beloved community—fish, whales, sharks, sea snails and many more. Endpapers will identify all of the featured ocean creatures in this one-of-a-kind book that honors the denizens of the sea and brims with a gentle spirit of kindness and environmental awareness. With colorful, ethereal illustrations that will have young mermaid lovers turning the pages again and again, this special picture book is ideal for gift giving, vacation/staycation readalouds, or enjoying in a group storytime anywhere.