Author: Barbera, Gianluca

Publication Date:

June 2021

Original language and publisher

Italian | Solferino

Territories Handled

Netherlands, Scandinavia


Crime & Thrillers, Literary Fiction


Author: Barbera, Gianluca


Gianluca Barbera is the great privateer of contemporary Italian literature.Il Giorniale 

Mediterraneo by Gianluca Barbera (Solferino) is a literary thriller that moves between the investigative and metaphysical atmospheres of Edgar Allan Poe’s Tales of the Mystery – Il corriere delle sera

A thriller like this could have been written by Borges and instead Gianluca Barbera wrote it, confirming himself as a cultured and generous narrator, one of the best in circulation today.Satisfaction


“The truth is, I’m running away. Someone is looking for me! “

It is the disturbing email that Giovanni Belisario receives from his son Christian, who has long been away from home and now, apparently, has run into some trouble on the island of Crete. In the message there is a request for money, the promise of further explanations, in short, everything needed to alert a parent and induce him to leave. But having arrived in Greece, Giovanni discovers that the young man is no longer there. Maybe he is Istanbul. Maybe in Jerusalem. In a journey scanned by voice messages, clues, encounters and accidents, Giovanni immerses himself in the Mediterranean, in every sense, while the manhunt is accompanied by an almost philosophical research on the traces of ancient roots. In fact, on these shores he seems to be able to meet them all: from Ariadne to Persephone, from Epicurus to Mohammed… And also Christian’s disappearance seems linked to a very particular object, capable of linking past and future. An object that someone is looking for relentlessly and at any cost.

“We will also be frogs swimming in a pond, but which pond has given birth to so many civilizations, so many ideas, so many worlds, and – why not? – so many wars and so many deceptions?” reflects Belisario, intent on his Odyssey from land to land and port to port.

Intriguing and full of cultural references, the new book by Gianluca Barbera succeeds in the dizzying enterprise of combining picaresque adventure and philosophical novel, echoes of spy story and classical tragedy, in a plot as fascinating as it is surprising.

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