Meditating with Children

Original title: Méditer avec les enfants

Author: Gardet, Clarisse

Publication Date:

March 2016



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Worldwide excl. French


Health & Lifestyle, Practical Guide

Meditating with Children

Original title: Méditer avec les enfants

Author: Gardet, Clarisse

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A simple and realistic guide. – Zen’ecole

Clarisse Gardet proposes a caring, joyful and simple approach towards meditation. – Figaroscope

A warm-hearted book. For the first time, any kind of performance is not required; it’s all about being how we are for a moment. – Paris Mômes

A really practical book that allows to any adult wondering about the practice of meditation with a young public to proceed with serenity. – Librairie L’Oeil au vert

Meditation, a gift you can give your children.

Meditation provides proven benefits for children’s balance and behavior. In today’s high-speed world, it allows them to center themselves in order to be able to concentrate better and to express their emotions so as to be able to manage them better. All too often, children feel an obligation to succeed, and meditation offers a rare moment of simplicity in which nothing’s at stake: there’s nothing to lose, nothing to gain. This loving and joyful book will allow you to acquire:

– the essentials for meditating;

– the keys for getting children started on meditation;

– games, stories and a CD with 10 guided meditations of varying lengths recorded by the author, to ease into the practice progressively;

– very concrete accounts of first-person experiences.


Selling points:

  • Meditation is a practice that is becoming more and more popular, and one whose benefits have been proven both scientifically and medically.
  • Previous meditation books (Fabrice Midal, Christophe André, and others), including books specifically for meditating with children, like Calme et attentif comme une grenouille, (As Calm and Aware as a Frog) éd. Arènes, 115,000 copies sold) have done very well.
  • An author with a degree in sophrology, who is admired by her peers and who teaches at the L’école occidentale de meditation, as well as leading workshops for children regularly.
  • A well- made, full-color,illustrated book with flaps.
  • Preface by Fabrice Midal.
  • PR campaign in the specialized press (Psychologies magazine, parenting magazines, etc.) for the launch.