Make Your Drum Beat

Original title: Fais battre ton tambour

Publication Date:

March 2022



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Worldwide excl. French


Literary Fiction

Make Your Drum Beat

Original title: Fais battre ton tambour


Audacity, commitment, savagery, politics and tenderness. Louise Browaeys is impressive. — Julia Kerninon

A second novel intertwining ecology, belief in a new form of autonomy and contemporary disillusions. Louise Browaeys confirms her singular style and talent for describing the world mordantly.

Not long ago, Ciara still believed in her vocation: guiding firms through their ecological transition. That was also the case for Inès, her best friend and ally, who is about to be informed that she has an incurable disease. But failed relationships, a tyrannical boss who believes his own lies, the absurdity of a one-size-fits-all program applied over and over gradually shattered their illusions. Leaving everything behind and starting over appears to be the only solution. But where?

When Dennis, a respectable family man and ideal colleague disappears without a trace after a team seminar near France’s border with Spain, the two young women decide to set out on his trail.

A cross between a survivalist fantasy, description of life in the woods and of some wacky alternatives to the hollowness of ultra-modern loneliness, this is an ecological and poetical novel in which joy rubs shoulders with melancholy and the winners are not who you think. The odyssey of a trio that should shake our certitudes.

Marketing Information

  • A text inspired by nature writing that was approved by a specialist in living off-grid in the woods (Jacob Karhu).