Maddie Ives Series

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November 2018



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English | Joffe Books

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France, Netherlands, Scandinavia

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Crime & Thrillers

Maddie Ives Series


HE IS WATCHING YOU (book 1) – November 2018, 380 pp.

  • #10 UK
  • #9 Australia
  • 55,000 sales
  •  5.8 million pages read Kindle Unlimited


A young woman’s body is left in a metal container in a remote location. The killer is careful to position her under a camera that links to his smartphone. He likes to look back at his work.

He is watching her.

But she isn’t dead.

So he will return to finish the job. He can barely contain his excitement at the thought of getting to do it all over again. But he must be careful. He cannot rush. Rushing makes you careless.

Detective Maddie Ives is new to the area. She is handed a missing person report: a young woman with a drink problem who’s been reported missing fifteen times. It looks like a waste of time. But DS Ives has a bad feeling about the woman’s disappearance.

DI Harry Blaker is called to a hit and run of an elderly man left to die on a quiet country road. There is no motive and it looks like a tragic accident. But he’s been working Major Crime long enough to know that something isn’t quite right.

The two officers find their investigations intertwine and they will need to work together.But they must work fast. Time is running out for the woman in the container.

And the killer has already identified his next target.

HE WILL KILL YOU (book 2) – March 2019, 374 pp.

  • #9 UK
  • #8 Australia
  • 33,700 sales

Grace Hughes: kicked to the bathroom floor by her partner, her back and side aching from where he slammed the door on her frail body, fighting to regain her breath, she can no longer ignore a simple truth: she must leave or he will kill her. Grace is a prisoner in her own home but she has a plan to get free.

Detective Sergeant Maddie Ives is going to help her. Maddie now works with a team specialising in getting abused women to safety. She tells Grace to keep a diary, to write everything down so it forms part of the compelling evidence needed to send her abuser to prison.

The detective doesn’t know how bad it’s got. Grace hasn’t been completely honest. But Grace wants to tell her what's really happening so Maddie can get her safe. Maddie has a lot on her mind. A dead boy in a bath, a car bomber who wants to make a statement, and the return of a scarred DI Harry Blaker. Can he and Maddie stop the bomber, find a killer and get Grace safe — whether she helps herself or not?

HE WILL FIND YOU (book 3) – July 2019, 362 pp.

  •  22,900 sales

Early Sunday morning, a rainy city center. A ten-year-old-boy steps out in front of traffic. He is dazed, confused and barefoot. He is covered in blood. It’s not his.
Detective Maddie Ives is called out and finds the boy backed up against a shop front. He can’t or won’t speak. His face is a mask of shock and his whole body is tense. He’s ready to run again. He can’t tell her why.

Who scared this boy out of his wits?

Then a man is found brutally murdered, dragged to death. And Maddie and Detective Harry Blaker are determined to find out who is pulling the strings.

If they don’t stop him, he will find more victims. And the evil will come close to home.

HE KNOWS YOUR SECRETS (book 4)- November 2019, 365 pp.

  •  #8 Australia
  •  #50 UK

Holly Maguire takes a taxi to a clifftop location. She is determined to make things right. Then the car goes over the edge of the cliff. As Holly falls to her death, she tightens her grip on a rucksack.

Kelly Dale wakes up to her first day without her mother. Her mum passed away late the previous night after losing a battle with cancer. Kelly receives a text from Holly, sent just before the accident, and rushes to the clifftop. She is too late.

Kelly has lost her mother and girlfriend in the space of a few hours. Now she must face her own battle to stay alive.

Detective Maddie Ives is called out to inspect the wrecked vehicle. She is under pressure to write it off as a murder-suicide or a terrible accident. Holly was a known sex worker and the running theory is that she may have been engaged in activity with the taxi driver when it rolled over the side.

Maddie doesn’t buy it. Holly’s rucksack contains seemingly random and worthless items but Maddie quickly finds numerous links to a crime boss.

It’s a tense and thrilling ride as the net closes in. But time is running out to save Kelly.

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  • 450,000 copies sold of his books in English