Author: Khayat, Ondine

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Author: Khayat, Ondine

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The tale of a woman’s life, from her childhood in Armenia to her old age in Lebanon.

“My name is Louise Kerkorian. To my grandfather, I was Lucine, and today, I am becoming Lucine again. I was born in Marache, in the Ottoman Empire, in 1901. I rushed down the glorious paths of my childhood, chased by roars of laughter. We used to live in a gorgeous house surrounded by a huge and colorful garden. I have been loved and cherished […]. In 1915, giving the role of fifth pillar played by the Armenians as a pretext, the Young Turks leaders made the decision which crashed our lives against the walls of horror. All the people I loved were killed […]. Stick your ear to the world, and listen to the story of a life which sought, in the ruins of its childhood, after the path of its memory.”