The Lost Sonata

Original title: La Sonate oubliée

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January 2017



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Literary Fiction

The Lost Sonata

Original title: La Sonate oubliée


“A beautiful story told with emotion, very well documented and rich in revelations.” — L’avenir

“A superb, rich and modern writing, mixed with emotions and a keen sense of the psychology of the protagonists.” — Agora Vox

“A very beautiful novel, full of finesse and beauty. To discover.” — Brèves littéraires

“Christiana Moreau inks a very strong and beautiful debut novel. After experimenting with painting and sculpture, she launches today in writing.” — La Dernière Heure

Two young girls meet across the centuries through a mysterious music score. Two hearts with a passion for music, love and freedom. A vibrant debut novel with a captivating melody.

Lionella, a 17-year-old from Italy, lives and breathes for the cello, which makes her different from the other teenagers in Seraing, the small town where she lives in Belgium. But she is having trouble finding the piece that will make her stand out at the next big competition. Until the day her best friend brings her a little metal case that he found at a market. Inside, Lionella finds a diary, a cut medal and… a score for cello that looks strangely like one of Vivaldi’s sonatas. She plunges into the life of Ada, a young orphan girl from the 18th century who lived at the Ospedale della Pieta in Venice, where the ‘red priest’ Antonio Vivaldi was teaching music.

A sensitive debut novel in which past and present intertwine, The Lost Sonata takes us on a journey through La Serenissima to meet one of the greatest composers of baroque music. Through the story of Ada, Christiana Moreau pays a moving tribute to these orphan girl musicians, celebrated virtuosos in their time, whose names we will never know.

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  • Over 15,000 copies sold
  • Prix des lecteurs Club 2017

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