How To Lose Weight With Self-Hypnosis

Original title: Maigrir grâce à l’autohypnose

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January 2019



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How To Lose Weight With Self-Hypnosis

Original title: Maigrir grâce à l’autohypnose

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When you come home after a long day and want to relax, you open the fridge. You mechanically eat something without even realizing that it is not about hunger and that it does not solve anything. Indeed, conditional behaviours lead us to use food to reward ourselves, to please, or to calm us down. Nibbling, hyperphagia, sugar addiction… You know that you have to stop it, but sometimes it gets the best you. Self-Hypnosis can help us to change the way we see things and is the best way to change those automatic behaviors.

This type of Hypnosis, used to lose weight, is very different from hypnosis used as a trick on stage. It is not about overpowering the other. Hypnosis is in fact a natural state of your being that you already know and that you will learn to develop further using your thoughts and your imagination.

Hypnosis is not going to make you lose weight magically. To lose weight, you have to change your attitude towards food. However, hypnosis can improve your motivation and change your perception of what is satisfying, so that you’ll feel no discomfort in saying no to specific foods.

Sandrine Belmont’s book will give you tips to control your relationship with food and will help you to find a long-lasting all-encompassing balance, that is essential to any weight loss – without any diet plan!


Sandrine Belmont is a psychologist and hypnotherapist.