Little Mountain

Original title: Bergje

Author: Hofstede , Bregje

Publication Date:

April 2020



Original language and publisher

Dutch | Van Oorschot

Territories Handled

Worldwide excl. Dutch


Literary Fiction

Little Mountain

Original title: Bergje

Author: Hofstede , Bregje


In Bergje, Bregje Hofstede climbs the mountain she often visited as a child: the Sass Songher in the Dolomites.

When she was little, the mountain was of mythical proportions; it was bigger than all other mountains on earth, a realm of boundless adventure, where the echoes of militant mountain queens could be heard and where Hofstede isolated herself from her large family.

Can someone else see what you saw as a child? Can they see something that is not there anymore? These are the questions Hofstede asks herself while hiking, first together with her lover, when the Sass Songher is an impenetrable fort because of heavy snowfall, and later, in oppressive heat, all alone. In her unparalleled, precise style, she describes how everything she sees, incites reflections on symbiosis and realism, motherhood and self-development, finding happiness in the small things and the vastness of life itself.

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