Like Beasts

Original title: Comme des bêtes

Publication Date:

April 2021



Original language and publisher

French | Les Éditions Buchet-Chastel

Territories Handled

Netherlands, North America, Scandinavia

Territories Sold

Spanish (Spain) (offer received)


Crime & Thrillers, Literary Fiction

Like Beasts

Original title: Comme des bêtes


A short intense book, composed of police interrogations of the inhabitants of a small village. A man in his 30s was living between his mother’s house and a cave, where he was discovered to live with a young girl of 6 years old. Who is this young girl that nobody had heard of? His daughter? His mother’s daughter? A baby girl from one of the village’s women that he adopted? Nobody knows, and they seemed to live happily, far away from the rest of the world. But the police placed the girl in a foster family, and the man was sent to a psychiatric hospital.

This book has the strength of a Greek tragedy, written in a Giono style, and set like a Melville movie.

The mountain. An isolated village. In the rock walls which overhang it, is a cave called “the cave of the fairies.” It is said that, in the past, the fairies hid babies there that they stole.

Away from other homes, Mariette and her son built their lives years ago. This son, an amazing force of nature, never uttered a single word. If he experiences a visceral fear of men, he has a real gift with animals.

On the outskirts of the village, everyone leads their lives freely until the day when, during a hike in this lost country, a tourist discovers a naked little girl. This meeting will change the lives of all…

In this new novel, Violaine Bérot describes with poetic writing another possible life, far from the increasingly hygienist and safe excesses of our society. A return to nature that she herself has been experiencing for twenty years in the Pyrenean mountains.