The Mona Iguana

Original title: L’Iguane de Mona

Author: Uras, Michaël

Publication Date:

June 2020



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Commercial Fiction

The Mona Iguana

Original title: L’Iguane de Mona

Author: Uras, Michaël


A real pleasure to read! — RTBF

A tender and sun-drenched novel.  — Cosmopolitan.

With his signature blend of melancholy and humor, Michaël Uras’s latest novel hits the spot once again!

A side-splittingly funny novel in which melancholy dukes it out with humor, as well as a stunning portrait of a man in the middle of his life, torn between his past and his dreams.

At age 40, Paul is just a tad bored with his life. He can’t stand his job anymore, he hates his stupid colleagues and his vulgar and pretentious boss. He’s fed up with his neighbor, a know-it-all biking zealot. And his dentist just had the clever idea of going on vacation on Mona Island precisely when Paul gets a toothache…

With nothing left to lose, Paul, who daydreams about lazing in the sun like the iguanas of Mona Island, decides to play hooky from work and to head off on an adventure… in his own neighborhood! Everything might go terribly wrong… But Paul can count on his wife, the serious and lovely Kate, a professor of French at the University; his gifted son, Milan, who talks like a book; and most of all, on Pomme, his friendly Brie sheepdog and accomplice in the crime of wandering aimlessly…

Marketing Information

  • Over 50,000 copies sold in his books
  • Over 3,000 copies sold