Life Is Good

Original title: La vie est bonne


Publication Date:

May 2018



Original language and publisher

French | Payot & Rivages

Territories Handled

Netherlands, North America, Scandinavia


Graphic Novels & Comics, Humor

Life Is Good

Original title: La vie est bonne


  • 2 Seas Represents: Dutch, Nordic and World English Rights
  • Over 5,000 copies sold


With touching simplicity and an intimacy that creates humour, anyone can relate to this book. — Huffpost

Absurd and hilarious. — RTBF 

This graphic novel uses humour to examine the problems in our society — Le Bonbon 

The authors of the stripped back Graphic Novel La Vie est Bonne take on classic scenes of daily life with humour — Lire

There is the viciously funny tone of Viande alongside the colourful style of Lucy Macaroni  Bibliobs 

…critical and humorous snapshots of the evils shadowing Generation Y — Livres Hebdo

A graphic ‘pamphlet’ that is raw and gets straight to the point — Libération 

With this first book of comic strips, Payot opens its pages to a new generation that understands the world in a different way

La vie est bonne is a comic strip with scenes from daily life that range from charmingly moving to raw. From failed, melancholic pick-up attempts at an after-hours bar to laugh-out-loud conversations between girlfriends via a scene at the beach in which a couple that forgot their ice box lashes out at each other, plus break-up threats, conversations about social-network pick-up tactics based on the right hashtags, how to tell a woman you met on Tinder for a one-night stand that you’re in love with her, and much more.

In a similar vein to Riad Sattouf, Fabcaro, Bastien Vivès and Ruppert & Mulot, Viande& Macaroni excoriate consumer society and the vacuity of the digital world with insight and humor. With complete frankness, they address topics like loneliness, the need for affection, how hard communication can be, sexual deprivation and sex addiction. A certain Generation Y reality gradually takes shape, over a background of inverted values. Genders and roles are hazy, and ripe for reinvention.

Violente Viande (30) is a designer. Lucy Macaroni (26) is a graphic designer. Phenomenal stars on the social-network scene, they have 59,000 followers on Instagram. La vie est bonne is their first book.