Original title: Le Surréalisme

Author: Murat, Michel

Publication Date:

March 2013



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History, Philosophy


Original title: Le Surréalisme

Author: Murat, Michel

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Surrealism acquired legendary status quite quickly, largely due to the place that surrealist works granted dreams, the supernatural and love. But, from its quasi-magical beginnings- automatic and hypnotised writing- to its slow, post-war receding  it was a constantly evolving movement, which perpetually re-evaluated its manifesto, built bridges with politics in the hope of a revolution, extended its influence to the visual arts and, finally, provoked other surrealist movements abroad.

These are all aspects which this book studies in turn, without limiting itself, as is often the case, to a description of a literary upheaval. Instead, the general history within which the theory, means for collective action, leaflets and magazines existed, as well as the entire aesthetic practice and international works of surrealism are examined.

It responds to the question asked by André Breton himself: “What is Surrealism?”

 Literature Series under Michel Jarrety’s direction.