Classical Can Pop!

Original title: Le classique fait pop !

Publication Date:

March 2021



Original language and publisher

French | Editions XYZ

Territories Handled

English (World excl Canada), France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Scandinavia


Music, Narrative Non-Fiction

Classical Can Pop!

Original title: Le classique fait pop !


While there is much concern for the future of music and its creators in today’s digital world, Danick Trottier sees this digitamorphosis as a chance to reorganize musical genres in order to access a richer musical offer. An essay aimed at music lovers and enthusiasts of all kinds.

Our schools of thought, values, and practices define musical genres over time, influencing both the nature of musical creations and how we receive them. But these categories are becoming more obsolete as the dialogue between musicians is fueled by research in sound and genre-mixing, moving away from a rigid system of categorization in favor of more freedom. The same goes for music lovers, whose unprecedented access to all kinds of music via digital platforms widens the auditory experience and allows the user to discover music’s current rich aesthetic, strengthening the relationship between classical and pop— or all kinds of music, for that matter.

Trottier has often been pressed to explain his dual allegiance to classical and pop music, both in the classroom and in the media. In this essay, he argues that the best way to develop a rich artistic diversity is to embrace music in its entirety and do away with categories.