KO Series

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January 2017



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Worldwide excl. French


Crime & Thrillers

KO Series


A new genre, halfway between SAS and James Ellroy. — Christine de Villiers

A thriller with a devilish plot that is particularly well-informed about some of the world’s darker secrets, culturally sophisticated and as sexy as could be. KO is my new addiction. — Raymond Khoury

A mix of Alias and James Bond, Largo Winch, and Lara Croft

Vol. 1: Massacre in Odessa – Ukraine (January 2017)

Who wanted to kill Viktor and his pro-Russian comrades on May 2, 2014 at the Trade Unions House in Odessa? Ukrainian ultra-nationalists, Kiev, Moscow, the FSB or the CIA? What game are the oligarchs playing on both sides?

An explosive conflict sets the Ukrainian army against the separatists in Donbass. Kali Grant and her brother Odys investigate the dramatic events that could plunge Europe to the edge of a third world war.

Vol. 2: Operation Mosul – Iraq (March 2017)

A tragic New Year’s Day in Cologne. Hundreds of Germans are assaulted. By whom? And why do the media seem to want to remain silent? A wealthy Iranian woman, whose daughter is among the victims, charges Kali Grant and her twin brother, Odys, with discovering the truth. The investigation crosses a Europe threatened and torn apart by the extreme right. Following the trail of the refugees, Kali will go as far as Mosul. In this city, fallen to the hands of Daesh, a young Yazidi is about to experience a tragic fate. To free her, Kali is mounting an extremely perilous commando operation…

Vol. 3: Devil’s Claw in Etosha – Namibia (October 2017)

The body of an explorer, horribly mutilated, is delivered to jackals on the Coast of the Skeletons. Who wanted to prevent him from sending his report? The Chinese and American multinational companies who are fighting to exploit the region? Or those crazy environmental survivalists, ready to do anything to keep a white and intact land? In a 4×4 quad, Kali Grant and her brother, Odys, embark on a true safari-investigation all over Namibia, red dunes of Sossusvlei, passing by the Kalahari and the animal park of Etosha, and sinking into the shifting sands of a merciless economic war to control nature and its rare earth.

Vol. 4: Black Mass in Naples – Italy (June 2018)

A child sacrificed during a ritualized crime.
A Camorra boss found dead in his bunker.
A war of succession declared.
In order to protect their client, Kali and Odys will defy the octopus at the foot of Vesuvius, plunge into the volcanic depths of Naples, its traffic and its tunnels, the just and the crooked, and track down a new form of money laundering through the el dorado of bitcoin.

Vol. 5: Panic in Bali – Indonesia (September 2018)

A woman is live on Facebook. She has fled from her family who have ruled over a small country in the Persian Gulf for years. Masked men break into her room, gag her and cut off all communication. Kali and Odys step in to try and find her, re-tracing her steps from Oriental Palaces to where she was last seen, in Bali.

Alex de Brienne is a pseudonym. Due to his profession, he is able to gain the trust of those in positions of power as well as those in the underground. He explores theatres of war and tension. He has a presence in the corridors of both NGOs and ministries. He wishes to remain anonymous in order to write freely and in complete privacy about the major events of our world.

Vol. 6: Trap in Istanbul – Turkey (August 2020)

Istanbul: Jamal Khashoggi, columnist for the Washington Post, never left the Saudi consulate. Rumor has it that the kingdom’s “mad prince” had him dismembered. Assigned to negotiate the return of a British jihad fighter, first Kali, then Odys are ordered to assist the MI6. Their mission? Finding out what the Turks and Saudis really intend to do.

Vol. 7: Pandemic in Long Island – USA (June 2021)

Separated by thousands of kilometers, will the twins be able to complete their mission? A billionaire seeks to know his illegitimate daughter before he dies… To find her, Kali crisscrosses the United States – despite restrictive measures linked to the coronavirus epidemic – in the footsteps of a young hippie who grew up in a poor and evangelical America who does not believe in the virus. Meanwhile, Odys, stranded in South Korea, fights illness and silence in the company of a talented hacker whose revelations worry China.

Vol. 8: Narco Jihad in Cabo Delgado – Mozambique (June 2022)

Cabo Delgado. An earthly paradise that was completely off the beaten track… until one of Africa’s largest natural gas fields was discovered off its coast, leading to Total building an off-shore platform there. The potential for vast wealth drew plenty of people in… which was not to the taste of the jihadists and narcos who were used to transiting heroin from Afghanistan through there unnoticed. Hostages, disappearances, massacres, kidnapping and more. Tasked with extracting a British secret agent along with three SAS men, Kali is going to find out what’s going on behind the scenes.

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  • Over 40,000 copies sold.
  • An LDP Original.
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  • Each novel in the series immerses reader in a different country.
  • As ever, the up-to-date text is firmly anchored in today’s geo-political reality.