Join the Brand: Building Loyal Communities and The Need For Belonging

Author: Cohen, Norty

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September 2018



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Join the Brand: Building Loyal Communities and The Need For Belonging

Author: Cohen, Norty

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After answering the question, “How and why do consumers adopt brands,” author Norty Cohen takes it the next step with a new question: “How Does Your Brand Become A Sticker On A Laptop?” Using the latest research, Cohen digs deep into the psyche of brand fans to understand how they amplify brands and build long term equity.

Consumers participate in brands that make them look good, feel good and keep them entertained. Brands who have used this formula and recruited a solid base can enlist them to do even more by establishing communities where consumers can fulfill their need to belong. Join the Brand presents dozens of findings on best case examples, using info graphics and exercises for connecting the dots.

Norty Cohen is a creative/account guy/researcher whose agency, Moosylvania, develops programming for top national brands. His agency houses a research facility on its campus – and they use national research services to continually dig into consumer motivation. He is featured speaker on national marketing panels and has presented his work at AT&T, Western Union, Taco Bell, Burger King and numerous CMO conferences. The updated study is featured annually in Business Insider and other publications. His other passions include serving as an Executive Board Member of Gateway to Hope, a Breast Cancer Lifeline and playing music in a rock band. He lives in New York and St. Louis.