I Was Blind But Now I See

Author: Altucher, James

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Sept 2011



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I Was Blind But Now I See

Author: Altucher, James

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  • Since its publication earlier this fall, “I’ve Been Blind But Now I See” has been going back and forth as #1 or #2 for all Motivation books in Amazon Kindle sales!
  • From a New York Times profile on James Altucher (August 6 2016):

    “By writing candidly about his own triumphs and flameouts, Mr. Altucher ‘shows readers how they can succeed despite their flaws, not because of a lack of flaws,’ said Tim Ferriss, author of the best-selling “4-Hour” self-improvement series. ‘This is hugely refreshing in a world of rah-rah positive-thinking gurus who are all forced smiles and high-fives.’”

    “A talk he gave at a London church last year drew about 1,000 people, and fans have organized “Choose Yourself” meetups in cities around the world. On LinkedIn, where he publishes original free essays, Mr. Altucher has more than 485,000 followers and is ranked the No. 4 “influencer,” after Bill Gates, Richard Branson and Mohamed A. El-Erian, the financier and author.”

  • Click here to read the full article on James Altucher in Bloomberg Businessweek of November 17, 2011.

    James Altucher: The most interesting man in the world – Forbes

    Mr. Altucher is simply practicing what he preaches. Over the last half-decade, this former tech entrepreneur, venture capitalist and financial pundit has reinvented himself as a gimlet-eyed self-help guru, preaching survival in an era when the American Dream — the gold-embossed college diploma, the corner office, the three-bedroom home — seems like a sham. – NY Times

    This guy has risen from the ashes so many times he’d make a phoenix jealous. – CNBC Make It

    He seems to have figured out the secret of life. – Fox 5 Good Day New York

    I always get the sense, when he’s talking about the down periods, that despite the hopelessness he describes, there’s always hope. – Psychology Today

    I’ve believed in so much that it has ruined me. For example: I believed that marriage would lead to a happy life. That $100 million in the bank would make me happy. That going to a great college and graduate school would make me happy. That having a TV show would make me happy. That becoming a chess master would make me happy. That having a lot of sex would make me happy. The list goes on and on of the things I thought that would make me happy.

    Each of the above, and 100 things more, made me so desperately unhappy at different points and yet I still fought for them, fought to control what I couldn’t have in a world where I became desperately needy for everything I couldn’t have. Happiness starts when we have the freedom to pursue what’s inside ourselves instead of the myriad joys and pursuits and successes that are outside ourselves.

    How do we find out what happiness means so we can start to really pursue it? I describe “The Daily Practice” in my last book and also in this book. In this book I provide much more material on it. I provide modifications and more descriptions to make it flow more smoothly depending on how much time one has to commit to it and also to explain it even more deeply than I have done before.

    This practice and the techniques used in this book have worked for me. I have been able to come back from the dead. To live with my fears, to conquer my anxieties (most of the time – every day is a process), and to continue striving for success and happiness. Note I didn’t say I “found” success and happiness. It’s a process that continues every day. And tomorrow when I wake up again I have to apply these principles again. But every day I move closer… to what? That’s it. Just closer.



    Taiwan (Business Weekly)