Original title: I giovanissimi

Author: Forgione, Alessio

Publication Date:

January 2020



Original language and publisher

Italian | NN Editore

Territories Handled



Literary Fiction


Original title: I giovanissimi

Author: Forgione, Alessio


Fifteen year-old Marco Pane, known as Morocco because of his jet black, curly hair, is from the Soccavo district of Naples; he’s failing his exams but he’s a star player on the youth football team. Morocco lives with his father, his mother abandoned them years ago without leaving a trace or any contact details. The father may have erased any sign of the woman from his home, but the boy still dreams about her, tries to preserve her memory, and loves her desperately.

Morocco spends his time between football training and school, between away fixtures and afternoons in the neighbourhood, or at home reading Dylan Dog. This is a world where kids grow up on their own, where desires for greatness and sudden disappointments are set against a background of petty crime and serious violence. Morocco teams up with his friend Lunno, a more manly, silent type who does not go to
school, and the two start dealing weed so that they can buy a scooter. When Serena comes into his life, Morocco finds love, which manages to calm his anger and opens the door to a different world and a different Naples, a place that feels less oppressive and frozen. But then one of Morocco’s teammates joins a gang of burglars, and when he is caught by the police he throws himself out of a window: a tragedy that is perhaps the sign of an inevitable destiny.

Following his debut Napoli mon amour, Alessio Forgione returns with a novel about first times, a coming of age story where mistakes and ambitions open up the path from youth to adulthood.

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