I Don't Want Passion

Original title: Je ne veux pas d’une passion

Author: Brasseur, Diane

Publication Date:

August 2015



Original language and publisher

French | Allary Editions

Territories Handled

Worldwide excl. French

Territories Sold

Germany (rights reverted)
Estonia (rights reverted)


Literary Fiction

I Don't Want Passion

Original title: Je ne veux pas d’une passion

Author: Brasseur, Diane


After Fidelities, Diane Brasseur keeps exploring the love triangle theme, but this time in a more intimate, more disturbing and more analytical way. – Selection Libraires Ensemble “S’il n’en restait que 100” 

With “I don’t want passion”, Dianne Brasseur proves that she definately has a singular and right voice. – Elle

The intimate scenes succeed each other with emotion and refinement, to carve a beautiful female portrait. – Selection Payot (L’Hebdo, Suisse)

A soft melancholy. – Version Femina

The book begins with a breakup: One night in a bar, the main character’s lover leaves her with these words: “I don’t want passion.” At over thirty years old, she realizes she has never lived with a man other than her father, the father whom she loves… passionately.

We explore these two love stories in parallel. One is with her lover she met a few months before. The other is with our heroine’s father, with whom she has maintained an intense relationship since she was young. Both stories constantly intertwine with each another, to answer each another, to the extent that we start wondering if the two don’t obstruct one another. Does the passionate love she feels for her father prohibit her from being in love with another man?

Following the success of Fidelities which was sold to 8 territories, Diane Brasseur takes us on a journey into another love triangle, yet this one is of a very different nature.

The press on Brasseur’s previous novel Fidelities:

The book is well-served by an electrifying style; the sudden mood swings and
alternating current reflect our hero’s murky morals. A real tour de force. —Elle

An excellent book. An excellent first novel. — Au field de la nuit

Stylistically, it’s a real gem. The writing is clear, flowing, enjoyable and musical. And it’s terribly insightful, too. Absolutely brilliant. — France Info


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Estonia (Eesti Raamat), Germany (DTV)

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