I Can Series

Publication Date:

August 2021

Original language and publisher

French | Les Arènes

Territories Sold

Italy (Fabbri - book 1)
China (Beijing New Oriental - book 1)
Russia (Eksmo - book 1)
Bosnia and Herzegovina (Malik Books - book 1)


Graphic Novels & Comics

I Can Series


I Can Do It/Je sais le faire (Book 1, August 2021, 176 pp.)
by Alain Leboile & HifuMiyo

Everything a child can do independently from the age of three to ten.

The book is intended for parents who want to help their children become independent, from pre-school to the end of primary school.

Everything a child must learn to do ‘alone’ in a single volume. Life is an adventure when you’re three years old, but it can take quite a few years to be able to do everyday things independently. This family companion has well-illustrated fun and practical content to help your child learn to be independent. As your child grows up, they will be able to say, ‘I can do that!’ every time they turn the page.

A series of colour photos depicting specific skills being learned by children. No or few accessories beyond what is strictly necessary to ensure that the pictures can be instantly understood. A series of full-page black and white photos of scenes from everyday life, full of the joy and tenderness of childhood, is also included.

Hundreds of sketches, drawings and decorations illustrate the book which is written in a refreshing, readable, fun, and practical children’s book style. Children of different origins, girls and boys, are portrayed to avoid stereotypes.

Very short titles and text to allow very young children to read or understand the subject. The text addresses the child directly with easy to understand words and syntax.

I Can Cook/Je sais cuisiner (Book 2, August 2022, 176 pp.)
by Nina Davidson & HifuMiyo

All the skills that a child will progressively learn in order to cook alone.

After I Can Do It, this new album is dedicated to a child’s autonomy when cooking.For the first time, a single volume contains all the skills that a child will progressively learn in order to cook alone. Thanks to simple and appetising recipes, which are easily accessible, basic techniques, and tips and tricks of the trade, a child discovers all that is needed to prepare family dishes in a fun way. The photos and drawings show the step-by-step realisation of the recipes in a cheerful and comprehensive way.

With its fun and practical content that is richly illustrated with pictures and photos, this book is the go-to companion for a family learning how to cook.

Savoury dishes:
Gratins, soups, pates, salads, cakes, pancakes… Sweet recipes for desserts, snacks or breakfast: Brioche, biscuits, chocolate mousse, Swiss roll, fruit salad… Basic techniques, tips and tricks of the trade: Peeling, cutting, kneading dough, squeezing an orange, cooking in the oven, pan frying… Essential knowledge and fun ideas: Learn to recognise in-season fruit and vegetables and which can be eaten raw/ must be cooked, compose a menu, prepare a picnic, decorate a birthday cake…

The coloured photos depict Ada, Colette and Nicole: three sisters aged 9, 7 and 2 in their own kitchen to facilitate identification with young readers. Specific skills and recipes that use a minimum of accessories so that they are immediately understood and accessible to as many people as possible.

Scenes, sketches, recipes in a comic book format that are explained step-by-step throughout the book. The children featured are varied in appearance to avoid stereotypes.

Short captions that are easy to read and address children directly.

Marketing Information

  • Over 10,000 copies sold (I Can Do It)