How To Keep Your Spirits Up

Original title: Comment garder le moral

Author: Delahaie, Patricia

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January 2013



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Health & Lifestyle, Practical Guide, Psychology

How To Keep Your Spirits Up

Original title: Comment garder le moral

Author: Delahaie, Patricia

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Today, more than ever, we need to cultivate our joie de vivre, our joy of living. That isn’t easy though, in the current context of global crisis!

Yet some people manage to keep their spirits up, without necessarily being insensitive to hardships. What is their secret?

Psychosociologist, life coach and best-selling author Patricia Delahaie has gathered their stories and has learned a precious lesson that she shares with us in her new book: happiness is a goal to keep in mind.

Indeed, we can learn to protect ourselves, put our emotions in perspective, enjoy gratuitous bliss, and maintain good and healthy relationships with others. Having to deal with the crisis, we only have one solution: to retrieve the sense of sharing and helping each other.



Q: Your book is based on testimonials and concrete examples that illustrate the ability to overcome the vicissitudes of existence. Have these interviews helped you to define a kind of common feature, of a predisposition to optimism?

PD: I do a lot of interviews to nourish my books. I like to know how others are doing to cope with life. For this book, I wondered how they managed to keep their spirits up because it was difficult for me, personally, not to let myself slip into the gloomy atmosphere. I spoke with men and women of all ages who were known for their optimism. I expected to meet “naturally” optimistic, innocent people “who see no evil,” or maniacs of positive thinking for whom everything is “awesome!!”. In fact, they mostly are people which are aware of the precariousness of life, chance, and happiness. They easily feel down, and that is why they do everything to enjoy good, happy, joyful moments to the maximum. I was interested in their techniques and strategies, because they vary according to the individuals and the moments.

Q: You say that happiness is a choice, that we have no control over events but that we have the power to decide how to deal with them…

PD: Yes, before I started this investigation, I thought that we are passive victims of our moods. I thought they simply happen to us, just like we get up on the right side or the wrong side of bed, just as we have to deal with rain and sunshine. Our flexibility is much greater than I expected. Those who keep their spirits up seek happiness everywhere. They know what brings them down and what puts them in a good mood. They know themselves perfectly well on that level. That is why happiness is a choice, a goal to keep in mind, even when everything goes wrong.

Q: In times of crisis, where everyone worries about their future and that of their dear ones, you also say that solidarity and helping each other is extremely important. Why do you feel this is particularly important today?

PD: Because you feel much worse when you feel you’re alone. talking about one’s difficulties, going through the same problems, finding solutions together, sharing our resources… That’s what brings your spirits back up. This is the great challenge that we face during periods of personal or collective crises: resisting the temptation to isolate yourself, daring to go to others for warmth, to ask for help, and offer support. This will be the great lesson of the crisis we are currently experiencing, and a great profit if we succeed.

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