How I Became a Superhero

Original title: Comment je suis devenu super héros

Publication Date:

July 2021



Original language and publisher

Territories Handled

Worldwide excl. French


Crime & Thrillers

How I Became a Superhero

Original title: Comment je suis devenu super héros


So you want to be a superhero? That’s because you have no idea what kind of life they really lead: this book tells all.

A funny and grippingly fast-paced novel that revisits the conventions of police procedurals and reinvents speculative fiction by featuring one of the biggest themes in popular culture: superheroes. A subtle blend of entertainment and insight.

Titan, a superhero, has been down in the dumps since he got dumped by Alicia. To make matters worse, he just slipped down a rung in the Top 30 Pantheon, the TV show that ranks America’s favorite superheroes. Even though his pals from the Lexington Avenue police station are still rooting for him, Titan has lost his zest for life. Is he going to be able to overcome one of the worst enemies of his career in those conditions? Journalists have already nicknamed the serial killer who takes on supermen the “New York Vampire.” Titan’s s old colleague Monte Carlo, a former superhero who had to step down after taking so many hits that he developed Parkinson’s – is giving him a hand with the investigation, which forces him to stir up the troubled waters of the myth of superheroes. But the question that soon looms largest in Titan’s mind is this: is he next on the New York Vampire’s list?

Marketing Information

  • First published in 2007 by Les Contrebandiers Editeurs, How I Became A Superhero is currently being made into a film by Douglas Attal, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Charlotte Sanson. The film is scheduled for release on Netflix for July 2021.