Heaven at The End of The World

Original title: Il Paradiso alla Fine Del Mondo

Publication Date:

May 2019



Original language and publisher

Italian | Sperling & Kupfer

Heaven at The End of The World

Original title: Il Paradiso alla Fine Del Mondo

  • 2 Seas represents: Dutch rights.


A girl in search for a better life. A sea that divides the past from the future. A story that overturns the world as we know it.

Teresa is about to become a grandmother, even if she is only 42 years old. She has been living in Sierra Leone since the age of 16, a refugee from poverty-stricken Germany. Teresa arrived after an endless voyage of hope along with her family toward the Sicilian coastline, where all boats depart for Africa. At the dawn of the new Millennium, African countries are the richest in the world, and huge numbers of refugees from the poor Northern lands try to reach them in search for a better future. Teresa is one of the few who made it, but the price she had to pay was high. And now she sits and waits, in a hospital, for the miracle of life to happen again. And she looks back to everything she had to go through to finally reach her Promised Land, the place she now calls home.

This is the story of a dream. This is the story of a journey across Europe in search of freedom and a better life.

I have imagined a world turned upside down, “another world” in which Africa is the “old continent”, the rich and powerful continent, that has driven the history of the planet, for better or for worse as did Europe. And Europe is the continent destroyed by wars, hunger, dictatorships and landfills. A continent plundered of all its natural resources, hungry and hopeless from which many flee in search of fortune. -Nicola Brunialti

Nicola Brunialti, has been advertiser for many years behind the campaigns for Lavazza, Tim, Alitalia, and others. Since 2009 he has written popular TV shows. He is the author of more then 10 books of children fiction, and of a Simone Cristicchi’s and of a Renato Zero’s songs. He is a descendant of Alessandro Manzoni.