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August 2023



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Worldwide excl. French


Literary Fiction



In this breathtaking, haunting text, we sense an anger that catapults tales of fairies and pumpkins into the stratosphere, and we are devastated by the potency of the author’s narrative. — Page des libraires

A bomb! Page des libraires

Hazel is a burning intimacy that would delight Virginie Despentes. — Terre Femina

A portrait of a woman that reads like a concert, where fury and energy are concomitants of a peculiar melancholy. — Terre Femina

An exploration of notions of control and what it means to belong within a couple. — Livres Hebdo

A slap in the face—this is what Sarah Koskievic’s sophomore novel is. — La Voix du Nord

A story told in sharp, unvarnished writing that nonetheless never forgets to be elegant. — La Voix du Nord

You’ll be drawn in by this tragic heroine, who interrogates the contradictions of an era, while exploding all the conventions of “good feminist behavior.” — La Voix du Nord

From the first pages, we are captivated by the author’s incisive and dark writing, reminiscent of the Despentes style. — ELLE 

In the style of an anti-rom-com, this fragmented portrait of a damaged heroine hits the mark. — Voici

A story that takes Hazel to the edge of unsuspected lands, or when fate plays at Russian roulette.Femina Suisse

There is in this pen immersed in acid something of Virginie Despentes and in Hazel a je ne sais quoi by Vernon Subutex.Cult News

A flamboyant heroine.Vogue France

A fierce book.Europe 1

A modern, sharp nib.Benzine

A gripping novel riding on a powerfully modern tragic heroine. A toxic love affair that explores the concept of control and possession within a couple.

In this, her second novel, Sarah Koskievic – editorial producer of “Transfert” (Slate), the 3rd most downloaded podcast in France – delivers a caustic and uncompromising text with a hint of punk modernity that’s reminiscent of Virginie Despentes. A text that grabs you by the collar and doesn’t let go.

A 30-something woman who’s prey to dark thoughts lugs her self-destructive tendencies with her everywhere and squanders her integrity in her love affairs. Hazel – that’s her name – does self-harm and gives herself to men for one-night stands that are like brief, deliberate self-abandonments dispossessing her of her being a little more each time.

Until the day she meets Ian.

The attraction is immediate, irresistible. Moving to the beat of after-hours Paris and nightclub smoking rooms, Hazel and Ian lose themselves in a doomed love affair. Until… the unexpected ending.

In a corrosive, incisive style, Sarah Koskievic presents a tragic heroine who demolishes “good feminist conduct” recommendations – yet still considers herself a feminist. Hazel is as fascinating as she is moving. An intense character, both strong and fragile, who explores our eras’ contradictions with fierce determination.

A short novel; caustic, modern hard-hitting: with a subversive feminism that goes against the grain, à la Virginie Despentes. An X-ray of a toxic love affair all the way to the – unexpected – end.

Marketing Information

  • Sarah Koskievic: journalist & editorial producer of “Transfert” (Slate), one of the Top 3 most downloaded podcasts in France.
  • With its million annual downloads, “the famous Transfert” (to quote Le Monde) brought a whole new generation of young listeners/readers to the renewed narrative non-fiction (a.k.a. literary non-fiction) genre.