Guerres invisibles

Original title: Invisible Wars

Author: Gomart, Thomas

Publication Date:

January 2021



Original language and publisher

French | Tallandier

Territories Handled

Netherlands, North America, Scandinavia


Economics, Politics, Society

Guerres invisibles

Original title: Invisible Wars

Author: Gomart, Thomas


After his bestseller L’Affolement du monde (Prix au meilleur livre géopolitique 2019, Thomas Gomart has written a new essay about the visible and invisible geopolitical and geo-economic challenges shaking our world today. 

The pandemic threw the balance between Asia and the West off and confirmed the divide between China and the United States, moving the center of power away from the west. Two major undercurrents – the destruction of the environment and the proliferation of technology – are coming together to become the playing field for competition about strategy, economic activity, and political and social transformation. 

This captivating essay sheds light on the consequences of today’s major undercurrents: the war for the environment, business competition, inequality…and exposes the hidden gears of power struggles, of the underground wars waged by financial systems, tax havens, the mafia, technological incubators, and the power tech giants hold over nations and intelligence services… 

Chapter by chapter, Gomart analyses each major world power’s “hidden intentions”: the United States, China Europe…and concludes with a chapter about how France can rise to the challenge and play a role in this major game that seems to be spinning out of control.