Ground Verdigo

Original title: Vertigem do chão

Publication Date:

November 2019



Original language and publisher

Portuguese | Moinhos

Territories Handled

Netherlands, Scandinavia, World English


Literary Fiction

Ground Verdigo

Original title: Vertigem do chão


Two protagonists away from each other, whose stories are simultaneously narrated: Leonel, a Brazilian dancer disillusioned by the state of his art in Brazil, moves to Utrecht, in the Netherlands, one of the world’s most important centres of contemporary dance; and Stefan, a Dutch who, having seen his boyfriend murdered by a religious fanatic, decides to leave his country in search of breathable air. He chooses Curitiba, in Brazil, as the place to go. A Physical Education teacher, Stefan feeds on stereotypes about Brazil and erroneously takes informality and a degree of joy as warm welcome. The recently organised Olympic Games and the holding of the World Cup had contributed to his decision.

Travelling over diffuse notions of centre and periphery, with characters of diverse nationalities crossing the protagonists’ paths_ Moroccan, Turkish, Haitian_, Ground Vertigo takes place in an intersection of territories. A double plot of inverted fates and destinations, the novel approaches territories – between geography and body – which are explored in order to investigate how subjectivity is transplanted to a strange, foreign land.

Marketing Information

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