Good Authority. How to Become the Leader Your Team Is Waiting For

Author: Raymond, Jonathan

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October 2016



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Good Authority. How to Become the Leader Your Team Is Waiting For

Author: Raymond, Jonathan

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Required reading for anyone who wants to do more than merely manage people. Good Authority is a modern classic, and it will redefine what it means to be the boss. – Seth Godin, author Linchpin

A powerful, personal, persuasive guide to becoming a better leader in the modern, digital age. Highly recommended! ― Jay Baer, President of Convince & Convert and author of Hug Your Haters: How to Embrace Complaints and Keep Your Customers

Studies show that less than one-third of employees are engaged at work and that managers are the key to fixing the problem. Jonathan Raymond’s Good Authority gives managers exactly the tools we need, and shows us that the best way to get people to be engaged is to be more engaged with them. ― Jonathan Becher, Chief Digital Officer at SAP

Jonathan has lived the changes he inspires other leaders to make. His refreshing new book is full of practical, no-nonsense guidance for the leader who wants to do work that matters. If you’re looking for a roadmap to help the people on your team to own their work, this book is for you. ― Bernadette Jiwa, bestselling author and Brand Strategist

Good Authority is a beautifully written book that will help you be a better leader and build a strong and lasting company culture. With the tools in this book, you’ll not only improve your bottom line, you’ll also improve the lives of the people at your organization, including your own. ― Michael Port, New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Steal the Show

Society’s current narrative of work/life balance is focusing on the wrong thing. It’s not about benefit packages, flexible work hours or ping pong but rather changing the experience of work itself. As a leader, your number one priority should be to create a work environment where personal and professional growth are one in the same.

Why is it so hard to get people to own their work? Why are most company cultures such stifling places to work even though they’re led by good people with good intentions? And, how is it, that in spite of a half-century of big ideas from business and management gurus that the numbers on “employee engagement” are getting worse? In this compelling new book, Jonathan offers an alternative, a way off the “I can’t find good people” merry go round, by inviting you to embrace a radically personal approach to attracting, retaining and developing top talent. With 34% of the workforce now freelancing in one form or another, the options are clear. Organizational leaders must find a way to offer people something they can’t get by going out on their own other than a steady paycheck.

As Jonathan argues, we’re in the personal economy now, and leaders that rely on strategies and tactics to manipulate people are an endangered species. What good people want is personal growth? And, we all know that to grow we need someone outside of ourselves to help us see and change what we don’t yet. Good people want that at work. That’s what being a good authority is all about.

Good Authority is full of practical examples, dialogue and tools you can use to change the way you lead. Whether you’re a business owner, executive, team leader or coach looking for new ways to help your clients, this book will light a fire in you that you may not have noticed has gone out. It will help you rediscover your passion for change and challenge your assumptions about how to make it happen. And, it will give you permission to be a little more you than you were yesterday.

Strong points:

  • This book takes the approach that to appreciate work you have to look at it differently.
  • Personal and professional growth are one in the same.


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