Gone North

Original title: Elles sont parties pour le nord

Author: Lecomte, Patrick

Publication Date:

March 2016



Original language and publisher

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Worldwide excl. French


Literary Fiction

Gone North

Original title: Elles sont parties pour le nord

Author: Lecomte, Patrick

  • 2 Seas represents: World Excl French.


An intense and inspiring first novel, which weaves the destinies of a passionate young woman and a mythical bird. – Ecolomag

Beautiful ode to wilderness and literature. – Librairie Les Lisières, Roubaix

A first novel in the form of a motionless journey in the footsteps of this migratory bird endangered in the 30’s […] A human adventure. – FNAC, Nice

1917. Eleven-year-old Wilma wakes up one icy-cold morning in the cabin she lives in with her father, a trapper in Canada’s far North. Back from an expedition into town, he has brought her back a present: a strange book in a finely illustrated, leather-bound edition, The Wonderful Adventures of Nils. The little girl’s simple, rustic life, dictated by the rhythm of the seasons, will be forever changed by this book, for it is in the pages of the novel that she first meets Akka…

Inspired by the true story of a white crane—whose species is endangered—this debut novel portrays the intertwined fates of an impassioned young woman and a legendary bird that symbolizes calmness, purity and loyalty. In untamed, early 20th-century Canada, brave, determined Wilma fights a heroic battle to save the largest migrating bird in North America. A spell-binding tale that offers an escape from modern life, a book where the poetry of nature—the wide open spaces, the endless sky—meets the magic of reading.