Going on Offense. A Leader’s Playbook for Perpetual Innovation

Author: Tabrizi, Behnam

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August 2023



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  • Independent Press Award 2024 (Winner - Business Motivational)

Going on Offense. A Leader’s Playbook for Perpetual Innovation

Author: Tabrizi, Behnam


Behnam Tabrizi offers us a comprehensive playbook for how people and organizations must work in the modern economy. Unlike the many management books that focus on a single important topic like purpose, ‘Going on Offense’ brings it all together—purpose, agility, leadership, ambidexterity, radical collaboration, and more—presenting a treasure chest of practical insights for companies that are serious about thriving in a turbulent future. — Amy Edmonsdon, Professor at Harvard Business School and author of Right Kind of Wrong: The Science of Failing Well

Behnam Tabrizi has written a must-read primer for anyone considering transforming their organization into a perpetual innovator. . . . Read this book and learn from the best. — Dan Walker, Chief Talent Officer at Apple, under Steve Jobs, 2000–2005; Chief Talent Officer at JCPenney, 2011–2013

I anticipate ‘Going on Offense: A Leader’s Playbook for Perpetual Innovation’ will quickly become required reading in boardrooms and classrooms around the world. — Ron Johnson, Senior Vice President of Apple and pioneer of Apple store under Steve Jobs, 2000–2011; CEO of JCPenney, 2011– 2013; Board Member of Ermenegildo Zegna Group, 2019–Present

Behnam Tabrizi and I both started our careers at IBM, and it’s been exciting to see him become an expert on organizational and leadership transformation and trusted advisor to more than 100 companies. ‘Going on Offense’ is full of practical and actionable solutions for unlocking game-changing innovation. It should be required reading for companies of all sizes. — Maynard Webb, Former Chief Operating Officer of eBay, Director at Salesforce and Visa, Founder of the Webb Investment Network, and bestselling author

How do the most innovative and agile companies develop a winning mindset that runs throughout the entire organization?

Going on Offense is a powerful resource for anyone looking to transform their organization and people into perpetual innovators. Based on a comprehensive seven-year study from Stanford University, Going on Offense provides an insider view into the drivers of success and challenges in 26 organizations—including industry giants like Apple, Tesla, Amazon, Microsoft, and Starbucks—along with actionable advice on replicating their winning approaches.  In addition, the book highlights the similarities and differences among their five cultures, which, interestingly, mirror the five icons of industry who are leading or led them: Steve Jobs (Apple), Elon Musk (Tesla), Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Satya Nadella (Microsoft), and Howard Schultz (Starbucks).  The findings draw on a survey of over six thousand executives, academics, and consumers and interviews with several dozen current and former employees of most of the 26 firms.

Explore the challenges of once-innovative tech giants like Facebook and Google and the factors behind their struggles. Delve into the reasons behind an organization’s decline through in-depth analysis and real-world examples. Going on Offense analyzes these cases and offers a practical playbook for companies and individuals looking to transform into a winning mindset.

Written by world-renowned expert in transformation, bestselling author, and award-winning teacher, scholar, and global advisor, Behnam Tabrizi, Going on Offense is a must-read for any organization looking to stay innovative and competitive in today’s rapidly changing market. Armed with this book, a company will be able to go on offense—continually improving its culture, adapting to new environments, and expanding into new territories.

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