Glass Palace

Original title: Palais de verre

Publication Date:

August 2024

Original language and publisher

French | Quidam Editeur

Territories Handled

Netherlands, North America, Scandinavia

Territories Sold

Germany (under option)
Italy (under option)
Russia (under option)
English (World) (under option)
Spanish (World) (under option)


Literary Fiction

Glass Palace

Original title: Palais de verre


In literature, I feel close to the family of ‘internal exiles’, confronted with the solitude and vertigo of the human condition. I love the company of these desperately radical characters. — Mariette Navarro

This novel is a portrait of a woman on the road to radical independence written with captivating language by the author of Ultramarins.

A woman named Claire, perhaps “in the middle of her life’s journey”, discovers that she is no longer at one with what used to drive her, particularly in her professional life. She feels detached from the world and values that have always been hers. As an “exile from within”, she suddenly feels that she is physically floating above everything that weighed her down and hindered her.

The reader meets Claire’s character just as the last straw is about to fall: she has just escaped from a meeting, taking refuge on the roof of the building where she works. However, she’s not the only one to suffer. At the same time, we follow the point of view of Claire’s colleagues as a plural voice of “we”. “We”, in turn, is weakened by a storm that disrupts routine, as well as Claire’s unexplained disappearance.

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