Final Words

Original title: Ultimes

Publication Date:

November 2015



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French | Allary Editions

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Worldwide excl. French

Final Words

Original title: Ultimes

  • 2 Seas Represents: World Excl French.
  • Rights sold: Brazil (rights reverted), Korea (rights reverted), China (rights reverted).
  • Over 3,000 copies sold


“A pleasant but also profound breviary, encourages us to think and prepare – why notour last words. – Livres Hebdo

“An anthology disguised into a guide.” – Livres Hebdo

“Let’s succumb to the fetishism of the last word.” – L’Obs

“Philippe Nassif found in the Emerson’s philosophy the key to personal and unconventional ethics.” – Philosophie Magazine

“A small book that we curiously devoured with pleasure.” – Le Journal de Montréal

80 examples of historical figures’ last words. Some are profound, some frivolous, some funny… But they are all touching, because they are the last thing these influential people said.

Each of the 80 quotes that make up this book is followed by a short explanation that sets it in context, giving it greater resonance. An instructing and moving book: unconventional, yet easy to read.

If heaven had granted me five more years, I would have become a great artist. —Hokusai

I’m bored with it all! —Winston Churchill

The tragedy is that there are no human beings anymore, but strange machines that bump against each other. —Pier Paolo Pasolini

I am off to fetch the big maybe. —François Rabelais

I die a martyr, voluntarily. My soul will rise with the smoke in paradise. —Giordano Bruno

Why are you weeping, did you believe I was immortal? —Louis XIV


Korean edition of ULTIMES December 2016 Nassif_Final Words_Brazil_Autentica_June 2017_small 

Korea (KPI Publishing), Brazil (Autêntica), (China, Wuhan University Press)