Ferry Lane Market series

Author: May, Nicola

Publication Date:

July 2021



Original language and publisher

English | Hodder & Stoughton (Yellow Kite imprint)

Territories Handled

Netherlands, Scandinavia

Territories Sold

Netherlands (Zomer & Keuning)

Ferry Lane Market series

Author: May, Nicola



  • #76 Amazon Kindle UK
  • #1 Hot New Releases in Romantic Comedy

A warm, wonderful and witty treat! – Milly Johnson

Spirited, adventurous and full of heart! – Heidi Swain

Full of heart, hope, friendship, family and laughter, and a plot with a mystery gagging to be solved – Kim Nash

Although thirty-three-year-old Kara Moon loves her hometown of Hartmouth in Cornwall, she has always wondered if she should have followed her dream of going off to study floristry. But she couldn’t bring herself to abandon her emotionally delicate single father, and has worked on Ferry Lane Market’s flower stall ever since leaving school. When her good-for-nothing boyfriend cheats on her and steals her life savings, she finally dumps him and rents out her spare room as an Airbnb. Gossip flies around the town as Kara welcomes a series of foreign guests to her flat overlooking the estuary. Then an anonymous postcard arrives, along with a plane ticket to New York. And there begins the first of three trips of a lifetime, during which she will learn important lessons about herself, her life and what she wants from it – and perhaps find love along the way.


When Star Bligh got pregnant at the age of sixteen, she thought her life was over. Now thirty-three, mother to Skye and owner of the successful jewelry stall in Ferry Lane Market in Hartmouth, Cornwall, she wouldn’t change a thing about it. Well, maybe one. A few months ago she fell hard for American visitor Jack, but then he left without even saying goodbye and ever since she has struggled to get him out of her head. Until the handsome, roguish Conor turns up and sweeps her off her feet. But then one day, Star is shocked to bump into Jack. He’s back in Hartmouth to tell her why he left – but is she ready to listen? As things get more complicated with her love life, another revelation threatens to turn the lovely world she has built for her and Skye upside down. But could this be the one thing that will make it complete?

UNTITLED  (Book 3)

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