Evolved Enterprise: How to Re-Think, Re-Image and Re-Invent Your Business to Deliver Meaningful Impact and Even Greater Profits

Author: Silver, Yanik

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February 2017



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Evolved Enterprise: How to Re-Think, Re-Image and Re-Invent Your Business to Deliver Meaningful Impact and Even Greater Profits

Author: Silver, Yanik

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“There’s a transformative shift in business, and what worked before is no longer an option. It’s time for evolved entrepreneurs, visionary creators, and change makers to rewrite the rules of business for the 21st century.” — Tony Hsieh, NY Times bestselling author of Delivering Happiness and CEO of Zappos.com

“The rules of business have changed. In Evolved Enterprise, Yanik Silver lays out the new formula for entrepreneurial success―combining purpose with profit and having fun in the process. This book is a must-read if you’re looking to build an enterprise that makes a meaningful, measurable, global impact.” — Roger James Hamilton, founder of Entrepreneurs Institute and NY Times bestselling author The Millionaire Master Plan

“Yanik shows entrepreneurs how re-writing the rules can create a better world” — Sir Richard Branson, founder Virgin Group

“Business is now the largest institution on earth and with that power comes a new responsibility and a huge new opportunity. Evolved Enterprise fulfils that opportunity by outlining the framework for creating a meaningful impact while growing your profits and contributing to the world.” — Lynne Twist, author, The Soul of Money, co-founder, The Pachamama Alliance

“Excellent & Evolutionary. Clear & Concise.” — Richard Saul Wurman

“Yanik Silver is a new breed of Super Hero, one who hasn’t lost touch with the little boy inside. He’s one of the rare few who are capable of launching between creativity, acumen, execution, and, ultimately, philanthrocapitalistic enlightenment. Right brain? Left brain? No—Yanik has right, left, front, and back firing at one time! Who does that? Evolved Enterprise offers the answer to that question and many more in riveting fashion!” — Frank McKinney, 5x bestselling author, including The Tap

“If you’re satisfied standing still and being stuck with the status quo, save yourself some time and simply skip reading this book. But if you’re ready to embrace the adventure of creative entrepreneurship for the new century, Evolved Enterprise is one of the most engaging ways I’ve discovered to guide you towards a more meaningful future, more fun, and better finance! All at the same time!” — Ari Weinzweig, co-founder Zingermans

“I had Yanik Silver on my SiriusXM Show, and afterwards the phones were ringing off the hook. People were inspired by his insights and his compassion to do good while he does well. He is one of the most enlightened and conscious entrepreneurs I have ever met. He is some- one who really gets the idea that it is important to not only make a profit but also make a difference in the lives of others! This book will help you become a better business person and a better human being!” — Dr. Willie Jolley, host of The Willie Jolley Wealthy Ways Radio Show and bestselling author of A Setback Is a Setup for a Comeback & an Attitude of Excellence.

“…This is now one of my FAVORITE books… exactly what I needed at this specific time. Everything about the book—the content, the way it was written, the tone, the examples, everything was incredibly helpful. It’s the first book I’ve read that communicated the concept of merg- ing business and impact in such a clear, inspiring, and actionable way.” — Bassima Mroe, President Sara Blakely Foundation

“The Evolved Enterprise seems almost too good to be true. You can create a meaningful impact in the world with your business, get customers to buy more, create greater team alignment, and have a higher purpose… which all drive higher profits. Yanik Silver’s thought process is incredible!” — Brian Smith, Founder of UGG Australia, Author of Birth of a Brand

“It’s time to redefine our expectations of business. This book is the blueprint that will help you drive the greatest results—for your busi- ness and for the world.” — Blake Mycoskie, TOMS founder

The coming business shift that could change everything.

Serial entrepreneur Yanik Silver predicts that businesses without a core impact will be at a competitive disadvantage in 4-7 years (or less). There’s no doubt, business could be the ultimate lever for making a significant difference in the world. And the Evolved Enterprise gives readers a counter-intuitive roadmap to move from a transactional company to transformational and even transcending business as usual. How to shift your company beyond being transactional to truly transform and even transcend business…forever.

Evolved Enterprise is an illustrated journey for 21st century entrepreneurs ready to explore how greater purpose, joy and meaningful impact create fierce brand loyalty, marketplace leadership and deliver exceptional profits.

What If?

• You could catalyze a community of raving fans who eagerly wanted to spread and share your brand?

• You could empower your team around a greater mission?

• You could deliver a true impact (not just ‘giving back’) that built a legitimate competitive advantage?

Inside Evolved Enterprise, readers will discover the major shift happening in our economy that’s radically changing the criteria for business and economic success in the 21st century. You’ll see how today’s top companies are creating and recreating their businesses from the ‘inside out’ to create more impact, more meaning, and more happiness for everyone involved. Most importantly, you’ll learn how you too can re-design and re-invent what you’re doing to fall back in love with your business. Or simply start it right the first time building a company designed for greater profits with ‘baked-in’ impact. This is how to align the true “soul” of your business with more impact, meaning and happiness – that surprisingly delivers even greater profits.