Everyone Is an “Influencer”

Author: Keenan, Kelly

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October 2021



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Business & Leadership

Everyone Is an “Influencer”

Author: Keenan, Kelly


A stunning expose into the world of fake influencers and a guide to what it really takes to identify, become and work with real influencers who actually shape opinions and persuade millions through a combination of powerful stories and charismatic authenticity.

The right story for your business, is the real story – and it needs to be powered by real people. Brand story expert Kelly Keenan demolishes the failure of fake influencers and flat, lifeless, who-cares brand stories with a proven approach for creating authentic and inspiring brand celebrations that inspire employees, friends, and followers to enthusiastically participate as influencers for your business and brand. For over a decade, Keenan and his team have used these strategies to help companies and nonprofits to transform their business and culture, achieving remarkable results. Now his proprietary strategies are laid out in step by step fashion, packed with real-life examples, tips and takeaways that any leader can put to use immediately.

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  • Gold medal in the Axiom Awards (Marketing & Advertising category)