Original title: Ève

Author: Halter, Marek

Publication Date:

October 2016



Original language and publisher

French | Robert Laffont


Historical Fiction


Original title: Ève

Author: Halter, Marek

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  • Rights Sold: Serbia (Vulkan)
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In the Bible, [Eve] is the ‘mother of all who have life’. Over the centuries, she has inspired painters and provoked the most troubling erotic artworks. After telling the stories of heroines from three religions, Marek Halter tackles her. His book, scandalous and combative, is of a rare violence. – Paris Match 

An incredible portrait, completely groundbreaking. – Le Parisien

A story [Halter] presents as literary, but radical too. – Le Figaro

A novel about what happened in the garden of Eden and about Eve, the first woman to fight for the freedom to think, no matter what the cost. – Livres Hebdo 

Who doesn’t know Eve? The first woman in the history of humanity. For thousands of years, she has been blamed. At last, here is everything about the mother of us all. A stunning novel on what really happened in the Garden of Eden. 

The crime of the first murder happened just after God-Elohim banished Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden: their son Cain killed his twin, Abel. God banished Cain from His sight while protecting him with a mark: for seven generations, nobody could harm him. Cain took refuge in the desert, where he established the city of Henoch and started his line of descendants.

But now Lemec’h, his great great grandson, kills Cain before the seven generations have passed! Awan, Cain’s elderly wife, makes a terrible prophecy: tired of the flawed tribe that he created, Elohim is going to wipe them all out with a flood! The people of Henoch are seized by terror. Lemec’h goes to war against the idol-worshippers, thinking God will be pleased and spare them. Chaos rules, the dead grow in number, but victory brings no peace: Awan stands by her prophecy. The women of Henoch revolt, ‘refusing their bellies.’ What good will it do to give birth to killers to be punished by God? What good will it do to bring into the world children destined to drown? Revolt rumbles in the city of Henoch. Why does Elohim condemn the people who live there? They are innocent of the crimes of Cain and Lemec’h! “Go and ask Adam and Eve,” Awan replies. A group of men and women take her at her word. They make their way to what is left of Eden, still home to the first ancestors, to question them.

What happened in the Garden of Eden? What is the original fault they are suffering the punishment for seven generations later? Adam lays the blame on Eve. God’s anger, the promised annihilation…. It is all because of her. Noah, the grandson of Adam and Eve, comes to his grandmother’s defence. By disobeying God, didn’t Eve do good for mankind? If they had stayed in paradise, what kind of beings would they have become? Beings outside of time and of history? Incapable of love, creation and thought? Other voices follow to question Elohim: What was the tree placed in the centre of Eden? Why tempt Adam and Eve if the fruit could lead to Evil? Didn’t Elohim himself want His creation to be flawed? Did He not exact revenge indiscriminately? Had He been fallible in showing Himself to be unjust?

Nahamma, the daughter of Lemec’h, the killer of Cain, and Noah’s wife, tells us the story. Having boarded the arc with her husband and sons, she is the only woman to survive the flood. The only one who can tell us about the time before the apocalypse.

Strong points

  • One of the Women of the Bible books, translated into over twenty languages and international bestsellers.
  • Eve: an extraordinary character, a myth without parallel, marking human history since before the dawn of time. She has forever divided thinkers and inspired artists. With her act of rebellion she brought mankind into History and into Time. She is at the origin of all our questions about free will, and without her we would not be ‘thinking reeds.’
  • An adventure story about the myth of where we come from, but also totally current. Like the people of today, the heroes are men caught between the absurd nostalgia for a paradise lost and the terror of annihilation; and women who are fighting for the freedom to think, at all costs.

Praise for Sarah, the first book in Marek Halter’s Canaan Trilogy:

A worthy heiress to Anita Diamant’s bestseller The Red Tent, and an entertaining read, with a heroine who uses both her brains and her femininity to astonishing efect. —Atlantic Journal Constitution

Praise for Zipporah, the second book in the Canaan Trilogy:

In this portrait of an astonishingly sensual and independent woman, there is little doubt that Marek Halter will succeed once again in seducing his readers, male and female alike. —Marie Claire

Enjoyable . . . includes many rich cultural details and plenty of steamy sex. —Publishers Weekly

Praise for Mary of Nazareth:

Halter has created a memorable and appealing heroine. —Historical Novels Review



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