Eve & Adam

Original title: Ève et Adam

Author: Quintreau, Laurent

Publication Date:

January 2023



Original language and publisher

French | Payot & Rivages

Territories Handled

Netherlands, North America, Scandinavia


Literary Fiction


  • Prix Sade 2023 (selected)

Eve & Adam

Original title: Ève et Adam

Author: Quintreau, Laurent


With Eve & Adam, a family saga spanning eight generations, Laurent Quintreau poses as a worthy heir to Emile Zola. – Causeur

The novel questions the mysteries of genetics, this strange lottery, to which is added the force of the environment and chance, which constantly redistributes the cards. This historical journey is always funny and accessible, and delivers a very useful and fascinating recap of our “modernity” as it has been shaped, for better and for worse. – Madame Figaro

Expert in social relations, Laurent Quintreau uses the world of work as an aesthetic material and aims in fiction to write the total novel. – Livres Hebdo

Eve & Adam runs through eight generations of heroines and paints the picture of our human condition, between social determinism and élan vital. The author puts in the right order the mythical couple, biblical ancestors of humanity: here, it is the woman before. – Livres Hebdo

An intergenerational saga exploring the evolution of power relationships between men and women. Based on just one family whose story we follow from the mid-19th century to the year 2050, at the dawn of transhumanism and the disappearance of traditional families.

What if all families were nothing more than the products of random unions of gametes? The story of the Marcheville-Froissart family is told here through the prism of the often crude, sometimes violent, always unpredictable sexual encounters that lead to the birth of each its members from 1852 to 2046.
Whether those encounters reflect mutual desire, droit de seigneur, adultery, laid-back sex, gay marriage or genetic matching, readers are witnesses to the evolution of mores and social upheavals that lead from male domination to the post-Me-Too era. With a keen sense of suspense, Laurent Quintreau offers readers an original and powerful intergenerational saga that confirms his storytelling talent.