Endemic. A Post-Pandemic Playbook

Author: Gandhi, Monica

Publication Date:

July 2023



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English (USA) | Mayo Clinic Press

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World excl. North America


Health & Lifestyle, Society

Endemic. A Post-Pandemic Playbook

Author: Gandhi, Monica


Endemic came across my desk at exactly the right moment, carrying a message of hope, reason, and positivity that is sorely needed in these times of increased misinformation and fearmongering. Dr. Gandhi’s manifesto is based in science and research, gleaned from her many years on the frontlines of infectious diseases and epidemiology, and points us toward practical steps we can take for future pandemics. — Daniela Rapp, Senior Editor, Mayo Clinic Press

This book aims to become THE playbook for all future pandemics with its 10-point plan. It focuses directly on reckoning with our present condition: comprehending and living with a new respiratory disease and how to face the coming variants and next pandemic with reason, science, understanding, courage, and compassion. It does not shy from rigorous scrutiny, and it pulls no punches about where we have been, where we find ourselves now, and how we ought to manage the virus in the coming years.

Chapter overview:

Part I: What the Past Teaches Us About the Future
Chapter 1. Ward 86 – HIV as Prophet and Teacher
Chapter 2. COVID-19 and Pandemics Made Simple
Chapter 3. Living with the Virus: Declaring Endemicity Requires Immunity and Good Treatments

Part II: The Pandemic Playbook
Chapter 4. The 10-Point Plan for the Future of COVID and the Next Pandemic
Chapter 5. Resources before Restrictions and the Moral Imperative of Helping the Vulnerable
Chapter 6. Risk Stratification: How Epidemiology was Hijacked during COVID
Chapter 7. School Closures and COVID-19
Chapter 8. Debate and Dialogue
Chapter 9. Duty, Sacrifice, Objectivity in Public Health, and Humanity
Chapter 10. A Pandemic Knows No Borders: The Importance of Global Equity in Vaccines and Treatments