Emerald Women

Original title: Mulheres Esmeraldas

Author: Pellegrini, Domingos

Publication Date:

July 2018



Original language and publisher

Portuguese | Autêntica


Historical Fiction

Emerald Women

Original title: Mulheres Esmeraldas

Author: Pellegrini, Domingos

  • 2 Seas Represents: Dutch, World English and Nordic Rights.
  • Film rights sold to RT Features
  • English sample available


Emerald Women is an extraordinary narrative that combines action, love, mystery, and politics, being also a road-novel all over Brazil. Told in superb language, it is also a great “romantic literary thriller” (in the words of Domingos Pellegrini himself), from an accomplished and much-awarded author.

As a reporter for Playboy, Pellegrini covered the “Gold Fever” in the Amazon Forest during the 1980’s and wrote stories on several of the mines. There, he learned about a legend of an unusual “women’s gold mine”. In his novel, the mine is run by a prostitute, a truck-driver and a cook, all led by a former American nurse, Marianne, taken to the region by her father, who worked for Daniel Ludwig, the creator of Jari Project, in deep Amazonia. The journalist falls madly for the leader of the group, unaware that the women are being held hostages by a sheriff, who does not know they dig not only gold but, following a map left to Marianne by her father, also a huge Emerald vein.

The journalist plans a photographic essay of the women in the mine field for his magazine; they plan to use him to escape with the Emerald load, passing through Northern Brazilian states down to São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. A novel of intense action and cinematographic language, Emerald Women reveals the gold mining culture, local customs, and universal human contradictions.

The suspense plot is intermingled with ethical reflections and poetic passages, merging the Playboy reporter’s masculine world with the female universe of the gold mining leader, to then reveal that what is dug by them is, first and foremost, love and humanity.