Original title: Drosophilia

Authors: Noir, Mardi, Zuttion, Quentin

Publication Date:

August 2020



Original language and publisher

French | Payot & Rivages

Territories Handled

Netherlands, North America, Scandinavia


Graphic Novels & Comics


Original title: Drosophilia

Authors: Noir, Mardi, Zuttion, Quentin


Thirty-something, single, no kids, no direction: has she already passed your sell-by date?

Drosophilia: noun; from the Greek drosos, “dew,” and philos, “one who loves.” Present all year long, the drosophila is often an annoyance…

Alex, thirty-something, is disillusioned, or so it seems. She rises above, trying vainly to suppress the multiple setbacks her love life has imposed; she’s stagnating while everyone around her seems to know which way they want to go.

Everybody wants to see her settle down with someone. Alex has gotten trapped by a disappointing love life, without really trying to do anything about it. Between one-night stands, meeting guys for drinks, and getting swiped left on Tinder, she decides, without really knowing why, to try a different tack. And so begins an extraordinary adventure in the heat of summer. An adventure during which the outlines of her own sometimes somewhat murky, obscure and… hairy desire begin to take shape.

A fly’s zigzagging and hesitations refuse to yield to the straight and narrow everyone tries to impose. Instead of a butterfly, what emerges from the chrysalis of that emotional roaming is a buzzing creature with kaleidoscopic gazes and desires.

Marketing Information

  • 4000 copies sold
  • Under option: the Netherlands, World English

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