Dressing the Countess

Author: Brimble, Rachel

Publication Date:

May 2024



Original language and publisher

English | Harpeth Road Press

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World excl. English


Commercial Fiction, Historical Fiction, Romance

Dressing the Countess

Author: Brimble, Rachel


“This heartwarming Victorian romance will sweep you right off your feet.” –The Book Nerd Momma

“…a wonderful, fast-paced novel of chasing your dreams.” –Page-Turners Blog

Fans of Kristy Cambron and Mimi Matthews will adore this dazzling Victorian romance from historical fiction dynamo, Rachel Brimble. An enchanting escape that will touch your heart and keep you turning pages with impatient hope for Rose.

Seamstress Rose Watson cannot believe her good fortune when she’s plucked from obscurity to work for Lady Christina, the Countess of Bath. Despite her parents’ distrust that the position will come with conditions, Rose accepts the unexpected offer.

When she arrives at the royal residence of Henlow House, a strange sense of destiny whispers through her, and Rose cannot wait for this new adventure to begin. Although she has Henry Ward to deal with, the handsome, risk-taking and—though she is loath to admit it—exciting royal saddler and horse trainer, who both fascinates and frustrates her in equal measure.

They could not be more different… with the exception of their hunger for more. But as they begin to trust one another, and their bond flourishes, Rose’s connection with Henry could cause her to lose her position at Henlow House, which would destroy her. Will she be forced to choose between love and ambition? Either choice will change her life irrevocably.

Henry Ward: I want to sail away and find a life amid sea and sand, sun and excitement. London town is enough for most, but it isn’t enough for me.

Slowly, Rose raised her eyes, her knees knocking against one another before she straightened and looked into the beautiful, soft gaze of Countess Christina. How could she not have remembered her? Only one countess in the whole world held such brown-haired, blue-eyed beauty, such kindness in her gentle gaze and so genuine a smile.

The girl he had met at her parents’ shop weeks before had evolved into a woman in charge of her destiny. It was as though being in the countess’s apartments and fully embracing the opportunity presented to her, everything in Rose Watson’s life had begun to take shape…

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  • #10 New Release in Historical European Fiction, #10 New Release in Historical British Fiction, #41 New Release in Historical British & Irish Literature