The Disappeared

Author: Braver, Adam

Publication Date:

October 2017




Crime & Thrillers

The Disappeared

Author: Braver, Adam

  • 2 Seas Represents: Dutch, French and Nordic rights.


“Braver’s novel is rich and humane, a tightly controlled, beautifully orchestrated portrait of contemporary terrors and the feedback loops of fear and paranoia they create that mesmerize us and, tragically, sometimes drive us mad. There are those that disappear in the violence, and those that disappear searching for them in their wakes, trying to make sense of insanity.” — Paul Harding, winner of the Pulitzer Prize

“The Disappeared concerns itself with the collateral damage visited upon two families in the aftermath of politically motivated trauma. Its aim is to personalize the effects of foreign dissent, of national protest, of mere happenstance, of sheer bad luck. Its two lead characters pursue their faithful remembrance of those they lost, who, then, after all, have not disappeared. It is a strangely uplifting book, given its subject and the times we live in. Highly recommended.” — Antonya Nelson, winner of the Rhea Award for the Short Story

“Adam Braver’s vivid characters move through a haunted landscape—the world forever changed by terror—that has become all too familiar to many of us. This compelling and elegantly written novel charts the intersections of individual and collective grief, unfolding in unexpected ways. It is both profoundly personal and smartly political, a memorable page turner with urgent, resonant themes.” — Alix Ohlin, author of Signs and Wonders

A novel of the zeitgeist—conspiracies, terrorism, and cataclysmic events—told through two strangers swept up in the aftermath. The Disappeared interweaves the stories of two survivors: a woman whose husband is missing in a San Bernardino-type of attack, and a man who believes his sister was an unidentified victim of the ’93 World Trade Center bombing. With remarkable momentum, their worlds collide in a web of private trauma and public threats as they refuse to return to everyday routines and instead resist audacious political threats.